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City Ashburn
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Country United States of America
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Latitude 39.0469
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about the My IP Address tool!

 My IP location is simply a robust tool for checking the IP address that has been assigned to your computer at any time,also Information about the IP host and their IP location, including the host name, country, region, city, latitude, longitude, etc.

Many people check IP addresses for several different reasons peculiar to their individualized context. But here are the few most common reasons why you might look up your IP address:

  • For security purposes: You want to be sure that you are in safe hands when it comes to your internet connections. Knowing your IP puts you a step ahead in that direction.
  • To determine the IP address of a website you want to build backlinks from: If you have numerous links coming from websites using the same IP address (common with link networks), the quality of those links will go down.
  • For the record: If you’ve been using the same computer and internet connection in a while, it is okay to have a glance at what your IP address might look like.
  • To know if your computer is sending out the right information about you: If your computer sends out the wrong information, you’ll likely be served inappropriate information. That’s where conflict of exchange lies.
  • To know where your internet activity is emanating from: Your IP address is akin to your physical address or mailbox address. You wouldn’t want to live in London while all your incoming and outgoing messages and activities are “said” to be emanating from Toronto, right?
  • To forward as a request for tech support: At times, a trusted company may request to know your IP address in order to be able to assist you better in some way.
  • IP addresses are also important to things like online gaming, remote desktop applications, and proxy detection.

These and many more are some reasons for asking the question “what is my IP?”