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 about the www Redirect Checker tool!

WWW Redirect Generator makes it easy to create SEO oriented .WWWredirects with this simple tool. Enter your domain and select the type of redirect..

Redirects enable a webmaster to redirect your website’s visitors from one page to another within the website. You can also redirect a visitor to a different website. This is a very handy tool when webmasters don’t want the visitors to view certain pages on the website.

Placing all the commands that webmasters might want in the .htaccess file on the web server requires them to know html code. Yes, the commands for the .htaccess file to execute can be created using a text editor but cannot be placed as a tool.

To perform a redirect from non-www to www or from www to non-www there’s a .htaccess tool available on a2supertools.com. if you want the tool to generate the code to include in your website’s .htaccess file, navigate to a2supertools.com from your search browser. On the site scroll down to the .htaccess redirect generator tool icon and click on it. It has two options;

  • Redirect from www to non-www
  • Redirect from non-www to www

The default selection is the first option. Enter your domain name and press ‘get your code’ button. There’s a captcha that will require verification. Once you have done that the code generated will be displayed in the Results box. Now you can copy the code from here and paste it in your .htaccess file.

After successfully updating the .htaccess file it will perform the redirect function. Now the website visitors will be redirected to another site seamlessly,